Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fadeaway 37 from Robert Jennings

FADEAWAY 37, Robert Jennings, fabficbks@aol.com, October/November 2013, 40 pages, subscriptions are 6/$18, also available for a letter of comment, or a print fanzine in trade.

There are still plenty of fanzines being produced, even though I see very few these days, but one of the best is Fadeaway from Bob Jennings. He always has interesting articles about the golden years of science fiction, older radio and television programs, quality illustrations, and a lively letter column.

This issue is no exception to the rule. John Purcell’s article “All This, and Supeer Science, Too” is a look at the Arcot, Morey and Wade stories of John W. Campbell. Campbell is well known for his abilities in nurturing the field with his editorship of Astounding from 1937 to 1971 and his stint as editor of Unknown from 1939-1943. Purcell chooses to concentrate on the “super science” stories that I really enjoyed in their Ace reprints. This is space opera at its’ best and his works were well written, mindless escapism. Anyone doubt that we could use some of that today?

Robert Jennings and Wayne Boenig present a major history of the Marx Brothers from their vaudeville days, the radio, movies and finally television in their “You Bet Your Life; How Groucho and his Brothers Left Their Marx on Network Radio.” The article is filled with vintage photos and posters. It may also surprise some of the newer readers to discover that Groucho was the Original Captain Spaulding (Hi Rob and Sheri Moon Zombie!).

The topics in the letter column range from BEN HUR, Captain Future and Sax Rohmer to Power Point Presentations and science fiction conventions. Dan Carroll’s ERB inspired back cover is another wonderful piece of art.

Just give this one a try and for the newer generation of fans, it might be something you may have never seen before, but will want more after you peruse one issue.

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