Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dead Folks by Tim Byrd

DEAD FOLKS, Tim Byrd, Kindle, $1.99,, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Here is a different look at the people who return from the dead and cause problems for the living. Leave it to Tim Byrd to come up with a unique idea in this story, originally written for Pulphouse in 1985, but never published.

Johnny and his sister find Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the lake, Abraham Lincoln is found in the trunk of car, and other folks are found around town. Somehow they have been removed from their graves and are appearing all over town.

Johnny and the Preacher end up seeking the aid of the late Widow Bradley, who was considered a witch.

Tim Byrd has written an unusual tale that would fit being read at a Halloween campfire or to the children on Halloween around the Jack-O-Lantern at him.

I can feel Tim’s disappointment in the folding of Pulphouse, I was one of the staff reviewers for them at that time.

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