Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bombing Nazi Germany by Wayne Vansant

BOMBING NAZI GERMANY, The Graphic History of the Allied Air Campaign that Defeated Hitler in World War II, Wayne Vansant, Zenith Press, $19.99, 104 pages, ISBN: 9780760345306, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Wayne is presenting us with another in his graphic war stories that are keeping the history of the events and the names of the participants alive in a method that will appeal to the people who are old enough to remember the events and today’s new generation of comic readers.

The stories are well researched and historically accurate and tell the real stories as they happened and the people involved in them. This is not just a story of the bombing runs, but is also a history of how the Army Air Force evolved into a solid fighting unit and not just a footnote in the history of the war.

I had never realized the number of Medal of Honor winners that were pilots during the war. Many of them are recognized by name and their accomplishments are documented.

Even though I have said it before, Wayne is the go to artist for the stories that give us the true history of warfare. He is able to give us stories of the Civil War, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. He is also able to tell the story from multiple points of view from both sides.

He is currently working on the second volume of KATUSHA – about the Russian Tank corps in World War II and the story of The Red Baron – the German ace pilot of World War I. Other volumes of his work are available from Zenith Press. All of his books come highly recommended.

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