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Differences in the Army, Navy, ETC

This was sent to me by a Navy Vietnam war Vet.

Will Rogers, "Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for."

Marine Corps Rules:

1. Be courteous to everyone, friendly to no one.
2. Decide to be aggressive enough, quickly enough.
3. Have a plan.
4. Have a back-up plan, because the first one probably won't work.
5. Be polite. Be professional. But have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
6. Do not attend a gunfight with a handgun whose caliber does not start with a '4.'
7. Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Ammo is cheap. Life is expensive.
8. Move away from your attacker. Distance is your friend. (Lateral and diagonal preferred.)
9. Use cover or concealment as much as possible.
10. Flank your adversary. When possible, protect yours.
11. Always cheat; always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose.
12. In ten years, nobody will remember the details of caliber, stance, or tactics. They will only remember who lived.
13. If you are not shooting, you should be communicating your intention to shoot..

Navy SEAL Rules:

1. Look very cool in sunglasses.
2. Kill every living thing in sight.
3. Adjust Speedo.
4. Check hair in mirror.

US Army Rangers' Rules:

1. Walk in 50 miles wearing 75 pound rucksack while starving.
2. Locate individuals requiring killing.
3. Request permission via radio from 'Higher' to perform killing.
4. Curse bitterly when mission is aborted.
5. Walk out 50 miles wearing a 75 pound rucksack while starving.

US Army Rules:

1. Curse bitterly when receiving operational order.
2. Make sure there is extra ammo and extra coffee.
3. Curse bitterly.
4. Curse bitterly.
5. Do not listen to 2nd LTs; it can get you killed.
6. Curse bitterly.

US Air Force Rules:

1. Have a cocktail.
2. Adjust temperature on air-conditioner.
3. See what's on HBO.
4. Ask 'What is a gunfight?'
5. Request more funding from Congress with a 'killer' Power Point presentation.
6. Wine and dine ''key' Congressmen, invite DOD and defense industry executives.
7. Receive funding, set up new command and assemble assets.
8. Declare the assets 'strategic' and never deploy them operationally.
9. Hurry to make 13:45 tee-time.
10. Make sure the base is as far as possible from the conflict, but close enough to have tax exemption.
11 Always have ICE CREAM

( And I Love This Next One)

US Navy Rules:

1. Go to Sea.
2. Drink Coffee.
3. Deploy Marines
Go Navy!

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Merry Christmas


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Press Release for BLOOD ETERNAL

I wanted to let you know that the third installment and epic conclusion to the bestselling Gothic series, about an ancient order who speak the truth behind Christ’s miracles and strive to protect the world from evil - from New York Times bestselling authors James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell, BLOOD INFERNAL (William Morrow, on sale 2/10/2015, $27.99, ISBN: 9780062343260).

In BLOOD INFERNAL an escalating scourge of grisly murders sweeps the globe, archaeologist Erin Granger must decipher the truth behind an immortal prophecy, one found in the Blood Gospel, a tome written by Christ and lost for centuries: The shackles of Lucifer have been loosened, and his Chalice remains lost. It will take the light of all three to forge the Chalice anew and banish him again to his eternal darkness. With the Apocalypse looming and the very barriers of our world crumbling, Erin must again join forces with Army Sergeant Jordan Stone and Father Rhun Korza to search for a treasure lost for millennia, a prize that already has fallen into the hands of their enemy.

But the forces of darkness have crowned a new king, a demon named Legion, who walks this Earth wearing many faces, whose reach is beyond measure, where even the walls of the Vatican fall before him. For any hope of saving the world, Erin must discover the truth behind man’s first steps out of the Garden of Eden, an event wrapped in sin and destruction, an act that damned humankind for eternity.

The search for the key to salvation will take Erin and the others across centuries and around the world, from the dusty shelves of the Vatican’s secret archives to lost medieval laboratories, where ancient alchemies were employed to horrific ends. All the while, they will be hunted across the breadth of the globe, besieged by creatures of uncanny skill and talent. As clues are slowly dug free from ancient underground chapels or found frozen in icy caverns high in the mountaintops, Erin will discover that the only hope for victory lies in an impossible act, one that will not only destroy her, but all she loves. To protect the world, Erin must walk through the very gates of Hell and face the darkest of enemies, the adversary of humankind, the very serpent in the garden. She must confront Lucifer himself.

With The Blood Gospel, the first novel in the Order of the Sanguines series, James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell breathtakingly combined science, myth, and religion and introduced a world where miracles hold new meaning and the fight for good over evil is far more complicated than we ever dreamed. And now in this conclusion to the Sanguines trilogy, BLOOD INFERNAL, they take us to the very pit of Hell itself, making us peer into the abyss and face our greatest fears, answering the ultimate question: What price will we pay for true salvation?

Author Bios:

JAMES ROLLINS is the New York Times bestselling author of international thrillers translated into more than forty languages. His Sigma series has been lauded as one of the “top crowd pleasers” (New York Times) and one of the “hottest summer reads” (People Magazine). Acclaimed for his originality, Rollins unveils unseen worlds, scientific breakthroughs, and historical secrets--and he does it all at breakneck speed and with stunning insight. Find James Rollins on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and at

REBECCA CANTRELL is a New York Times bestselling thriller author. Her novels include the award-winning Hannah Vogel mystery series, and the critically-acclaimed YA novel, iDrakula, was nominated for the APPY award and listed on Booklist’s Top 10 Horror Fiction for Youth. She, her husband, and son have left Hawaii’s sunny shores for adventures in Berlin. Find Rebecca Cantrell on Facebook, Twitter, and at

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Inspector General Admits that VA Reports are Wrong

VA Misled Congress on Its Own Audit, Watchdog Report Finds

Veterans Department Provided Incorrect Information About a Review of Unresolved Appointment Requests
House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Jeff Miller said lawmakers may never know the actual number of veterans affected by gaps in the VA system.

House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Jeff Miller said lawmakers may never know the actual number of veterans affected by gaps in the VA system. Associated Press By Ben Kesling

Dec. 16, 2014 4:05 p.m. ET

The Department of Veterans Affairs provided misleading or false information to Congress and the media multiple times this summer about a year-plus review of unresolved patient consultation requests, according to an internal watchdog’s report issued Monday.

The VA’s inspector general said the department misled or provided incorrect information earlier this year about an audit of unresolved requests for consultations with specialists. Some of those requests remained open for years, and some patients died while waiting for appointments. The scope of the VA audit was overrepresented, the inspector general said, and the ultimate resolution for millions of those consults remains unknown.

The Veterans Health Administration “lacks reasonable assurance that facilities appropriately reviewed and resolved consults,” the inspector general wrote in the report. “At one medical facility, consults were inappropriately closed while veterans were awaiting requested services in an effort to meet VHA’s early May 2014 deadline for reviewing and responding to unresolved consults. Similar events may have occurred at other VA facilities.”

In the VA’s response to the findings, Carolyn Clancy, VA interim under secretary for health, said the department agrees with all of the inspector general’s findings and aims to resolve them by mid-2015.

The review stems from a 2012 initiative by the VA to resolve a backlog of consult requests that had accumulated since 1999, when the department instituted a new system for health-care providers to request advice or expertise of a specialist in treating patients. By 2012, the system was bogged down by more than two million unresolved requests, including rescheduling appointments and ordering basic tests—things the system wasn’t designed to include.

The VA told Congress and the media that it instructed its medical centers in 2012 to review all consults unresolved for more than 90 days and to complete all reviews by May 2014. According to the VA, the number of backlogged consults dropped from two million to just under 300,000 by April 2014.

“These internal, proactive reviews were conducted with the express purpose of improving veteran care,” a VA spokesman said in a statement Tuesday. “VA is committed to keeping all of our stakeholders, including members of Congress, accurately informed.”

But according to the inspector general’s report, the VA didn’t routinely use internal quality controls to determine how or why employees closed some 1.7 million cases, or if patients received requested services before the cases were closed out. The VA also told reviewing authorities that they could close cases that were more than five years old without reviewing them.

The inspector general also found errors in a fact sheet the VA presented to the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs in April. In it, the VA incorrectly reported it had reviewed unresolved consults going back to 1999 and that it said the “vast majority” of unresolved consults were due to paperwork problems rather than true delays in care—a statement the VA cannot now verify.

“VA inadvertently caused confusion in its communication on this complex set of reviews that were ongoing at the time,” said a VA spokesman in his statement Tuesday. ”While all open consults were identified going back to 1999, based on subject matter expertise and recommendations, facilities were given the option of administratively closing consults greater than five years old, as consults may be beyond a clinically significant time frame or are outdated and are no longer relevant to the patient’s care.”

The inspector general recommended the VA conduct an assessment of its review program and confirm patients received adequate care as well as take “appropriate administrative action” after reviewing “any inappropriate resolution of consults.”

“VA’s statistics regarding the number of veterans harmed by department delays in care are almost certainly wildly inaccurate, and we may never know the actual number of veterans affected by gaps in the VA system that existed for years,” said Rep. Jeff Miller (R., Fla.), chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs in a statement Tuesday.

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Latest Donald Grant Newsletter

Welcome to issue #92 of the Donald M. Grant Newsletter

17 December 2014


Note - If your order is over $300.00 you may pay in 3 monthly
installments. Please say so in the Comment box when you check
out. Your order will be shipped to you after the final payment is


We have Sold Out of our copies. Thank you and sorry to those who have missed out.


The web page below didn’t get updated until several hours after
we sent out our Newsletter #91 this morning. We apologize to
anyone who went to the link and then wondered what the heck
we were talking about. If you go to it and still don’t see Darrel’s
remarques please click “Refresh”.

Darrel Anderson has has remarqued copies of both the Deluxe
Edition and the Artist Edition of THE DARK TOWER: SONG 
OF SUSANNAH. The images can be seen and orders placed at:

You can choose the illustration you want and they will sold in
the order that we receive the on-line order (please do not
phone our office). If the book you want has been sold you will
be offered alternatives (putting second and third choices in
your order won't hurt).

Thank you.

Robert K. Wiener, President
Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc.

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Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs now in paperback

Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs
edited by Mike Resnick and Robert T. Garcia
Baen Books, $7.99, 9781476737072

reviewed by Barry Hunter

There is a lot to be said about Edgar Rice Burroughs. He was the creator of Tarzan and John Carter and a host of other characters that have filled a plethora of books and have been read by generations and now are into their second century of readership. This wonderful volume of stories should only add to the popularity of his creations.

Kristine Kathyrn Rusch gives a story of “Tarzan and the Great War” that takes place in Algiers while Tarzan was searching for Jane after the Germans had burned the plantation and kidnapped her. Mercedes Lackey gives a tale of Pellucidar and girl who has fallen from the moon. “The Forgotten Sea of Mars” is a reprint from ERBdom in 1963 by Mike Resnick that is extremely hard to find.

Richard A. Lupoff writes about the “Scorpion Men of Venus,” Ralph Roberts takes us out west with “Apache Lawman”, Peter David tells us of “Moon Maid Over Manhattan”, Todd McCaffrey returns us to Poloda with a new adventure of Tangor, Kevin Anderson & Sarah Hoyt channel H. G. Wells and Burroughs in “Tarzan and the Martian Invaders”, while Max Allan Collins & Matthew Clemens return us the Chicago of The Mucker.

Kudos go to F. Paul Wilson for his different take on Pellucidar in “The Dead World” – related by David Innes via Gridley Wave and Joe Lansdale gives us a lost adventure of “Tarzan and the Land That Time Forgot”.

Each of the writers involved in this project deserve credit for showing the spirit of Burroughs and doing credit to his creations. There are more lands that could be explored in another anthology of this caliber. I don’t know if there is a volume two in our future, but I would love to see it.

Thanks to Baen and all the fantastic writers who made me feel like a teenager again as I was able to revisit with a bunch of old friends.

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Find out your Shadows secret in SCEADU

All this while, Matilda’s shadow had been growing larger and larger. Suddenly, it lunged out of the ground and swallowed her, like a python does its unsuspecting prey.

SCEADU, Your Shadow Holds a Secret
by Prashant Pinge intricately weaves together elements of psychology, mythology, and fantasy to offer young adult readers a thrilling adventure that takes place within the human shadow.

Nine-year-old Matilda ends up with a century old book through a series of strange coincidences. And disappears. Her brother and cousins are forced to suspend their hostilities and pursue her to Sceadu, a land inside the human shadow. Once there, the reluctant visitors find themselves chased by the vicious Hefigans, creatures of Sceadu. However, everything changes with the revelation of an ancient prophecy that foretells the doom of the world they left behind.

With the stakes suddenly raised, the children must now navigate the dangerous terrain, overcome grave challenges, and unlock the secrets of the shadow. But can they do it in time to thwart the plans of the treacherous Hefigans? Or will they succumb to the guile of a ruthless enemy who is equally determined to destroy mankind?

Prashant Pinge is an acclaimed author of children’s fiction from Mumbai, India. He has been writing for over a decade with four books and two short stories to his credit. His books have been nominated for the Crossword Book Awards, with Raja & the Giant Donut being shortlisted in the Children’s Writing category in 2011.

Take a quiz to see what you would be in the world of Shadows.

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MASTER SERGEANT (Harper Voyager, paperback, on sale 1/27/2015).

MASTER SERGEANT (Harper Voyager, paperback, on sale 1/27/2015).

This is Odom’s first installment in his new military science fiction series. His previous work includes the Alex-award winning novel THE ROVER and many movie and computer game tie-ins, including Forgotten Realms, Mack Bolan, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

After being wounded in combat during the Phrenorian War, Terran Military Master Sergeant Frank Sage has been reassigned—that is to say, shifted into a less important post—to the planet Makaum (better known as the Green Hell because of its unending jungles and predatory insect and reptile life).

While his superiors had hoped the planet would remain on the fringes of the war, it inevitably spills over…and now Makaum may become a major supply point for the enemy. If that scenario plays out, it would mean devastation for Sage’s troops. That is, unless Sage can stop enemy officers from staking claim on the planet—while he also fights against his own people’s drug cartels, corruption within his ranks, and a civil war brewing on Makaum.

About the author

Mel Odom is the bestselling author of many film and computer game tie-ins, including Forgotten Realms, Mack Bolan, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. He won a prestigious Alex Award for his YA fantasy novel The Rover. He currently lives in Oklahoma.

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Subject: Important Information_Situational Awareness - FBI Bulletin to Current and Former Military Members

Good Morning,

Please see the message below to share with your VSO networks.

This email is being forwarded for your situational awareness.

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Subject: SITUATIONAL AWARENESS - 01DEC14: (INITIAL) FBI Bulletin to Current and Former Military Members, Nationwide, DTG 01DEC14 / 1318 EST

Incident or Event Details:

The FBI is advising current and former members of the military to review their social media accounts to avoid posts that might attract attention from the group calling itself the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and its supporters.
The FBI and DHS notes that the Islamic State group already has publicly encouraged attacks against law enforcement and military service members.
The bulletin includes a concern that ISIS members are "spotting and assessing" individuals in the U.S. who they believe may be interested in carrying out attacks on US soil against members of the U.S. military.
Where: Nationwide

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Inglourious Basterds meets Dawn of the Dead in


The Great Undead War: Book ii


"Nassise's apparently boundless imagination and thoroughly engaging storytelling make even the most unlikely of stories compelling. This second entry in The Great Undead War series is one in which fans of horror and history alike will revel. Nassise taps into something essentially human in each of his characters and their relationships, making this bizarre, pulse-pounding journey into something intensely absorbing and suspenseful. The historical details put a refreshing inventive spin on this particular apocalypse—and it all adds up to a story that won't be easy to put down or forget."

—RT Book Reviews, 4 ½ Star “Top Pick” Review

Zombies are undying—in more ways than one. Apart from the obvious “eternal life-after-death” thing, zombies have taken on an increasingly active role in pop culture—from the critical success of TV and graphic novel franchises the likes of Walking Dead, to the terrifying, award-winning joyride that is The Last of Us videogame, to the double-whammy success of the book and film adaptations of World War Z, it is clear that there is something about zombies that has sunk its teeth into society, and won’t be letting go anytime soon.

On Her Majesty’s Behalf
is award-winning author Joseph Nassise’s answer to the undying trend. The international bestselling author splices the humor/ horror hybrid that is a signature of the zombie “genre” with something equally cool and trendy: steampunk. The copper-clad alternative history of steampunk provides a perfect twist on the undead. Nassise’s Great Undead War series takes readers on an “adrenaline-fueled” and “audacious” (Publishers Weekly) ride through a zombie-filled World War I, complete with some of its most celebrated and most notorious figures.

The lynchpin of Nassise’s alternate history is T-Leiche—also known as corpse gas. It’s a deadly, airborne weapon developed by the Germans in 1917, which can reanimate the dead…thus giving them an endless supply of horrifying soldiers, known as “shamblers.” In Book II of the Great Undead War Saga, we pick up with our heroes once again. “Madman” Burke and his company of soldiers—not unlike the “Howling Commandos” of Captain America fame—have survived the brutal killing fields of France, but time waits for no man, and they’ve got another mission. In classic SF/F fashion, their new mission is to rescue a princess. Except instead of getting her out of a medieval castle, Burke and his unlikely crew of heroes must foray into London: a city completely overrun by the undead.

Nothing is ever easy for the good guys, though (in case the army of the undead didn’t give it away). In this case, Madman Burke and his team are facing opposition from the head bad guy: Kaiser Richthofen, the undead Red Baron, and leader of Germany (Note: Nassise had Richthofen’s crest designed, and it appears above). Burke’s goal is to rescue the British royal family—but Kaiser Richthofen will stop at nothing to keep him from his goal…including sending the undead to foil his every move.

Action, adventure, and pure SF/F fun combine in Nassise’s amazingly imaginative novel. On Her Majesty’s Behalf is a wild ride, designed to more than satisfy any number of cravings: steampunk lovers, zombie-fans, and World War aficionados alike will love the story of Madman Burke, and his crew of soldiers.

About the Author:

Joseph Nassise is the author of more than two dozen novels, including the internationally bestselling Templar Chronicles series, as well as the first Great Undead War book, By the Blood of Heroes, and several books in the Rogue Angel action/adventure series from Gold Eagle.

He’s a former president of the Horror Writers Association, the world’s largest organization of professional horror writers, and a two-time Bram Stoker Award and International Horror Guild Award nominee.

You can visit him on the web at