Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Heavens Rise by CHristopher Rice

THE HEAVENS RISE, Christopher Rice, Gallery Books, $26, 336 pages, ISBN: 9781476716084, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Christopher Rice has proven that the apple does not fall far from the tree. His parentage and youth in New Orleans have combined to make him a bestselling author and this book will join his bestselling list and should gain him some new readers as well.

The Delongpre’s are building a home in the swamps outside New Orleans and plan to call it Elyisum. Here, they discover a water source, undisturbed for millennia, and use it to fill their swimming pool. When Niquette Delongpre and her current boyfriend, Marshall Ferriot, go swimming and discover a life form has filled the pool and it causes changes in them.

The Delongpres disappear; Marshall tries to kill himself; and ends up in a vegetative state, while her friend Ben and boyfriend, Anthem Landry carry on with their lives.

After eight years Marshall wakes up and the mysterious power given to him by the parasite kicks in. Ben has gone to work for a newspaper and Anthem is a riverboat pilot. Both are still carrying a torch for Nikki (in their own unique ways) and feel that she is still out there somewhere.

The story takes on a supernatural twist and there is plenty of thought provoking action and adventure but told in a modern gothic style.

Christopher Rice is able to stand tall on his own with this well told and imaginative story. THE HEAVENS RISE is due out on October 15 and will be the perfect read for a Halloween read.

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