Thursday, September 12, 2013

Restless by Kasey Lansdale

RESTLESS, Kasey Lansdale, Blue Siren Records, UPC: 8-84501-94511-0, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Previously I had only heard some of Kasey’s cover songs on YouTube, and I am truly impressed with this CD. She had a hand in writing the majority of the songs and it is produced by John Carter Cash.

Kasey has a unique voice and her songs about loving and leaving take a slant from a woman’s perspective and present what I hope is a new trend in country music. This is an untraditional traditional country album – by that I mean the normal elements and steel guitar and fiddle are present but the smoothness of her voice are not overpowered by them as in a lot of songs.

“Foolin’ Around” is a girl wondering why her fella hasn’t tried to get to first base yet. “Blame You For Trying” tells of two old flames (both married) meeting at a bar, and the temptation of another night together. “Why Can’t I” has a girl wondering why she can’t move on after a relationship ends. A woman is trying to get a guy to move on after a bad relationship in “Don’t Let That Stop You”.

There’s not a bad song on here. I still have it in my cd player and have listened to it at least ten times and I enjoy it more each time.
I hate to compare artists of any kind, but Kasey’s writing ability reminds me of Karla Bonoff (showing my age) and at times I hear a bit of Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood in her songs. This is not to say she is copying anyone as she is a unique talent and I really expect more from her in the future.

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