Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fade to Black by Jeffrey Wilson

FADE TO BLACK, Jeffrey Wilson, Journalstone, $16.95, 254 pages, ISBN: 1936564859, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Dear Jeffrey,

I don’t usually read novels or anything that contains battle scenes or is war related. I’m a Vietnam vet and I feel like I saw enough to last me a lifetime. I know that the manner of fighting has changed a great deal since then and this current military is tearing our military members and their family to shreds. It is the one dream, desire, wish that each service member and their family has is that they return home safely with everything they left home with.

Your book shows how much Jack Keller loves his wife and daughter and how far he will go to make them safe and be with him. Jack is having nightmares wherein he is Sergeant Casey Stillman, caught in an ambush near Fallujah, wounded and near death.

The alternating stories of the military firefight, his waking life as a teacher and devoted father and husband show the passion he has to protect his men and hang on to his family are well told and emotionally touching.

The loyalty of his wife, Claire, to help him work things out shows the resolve of a true devoted spouse. The firefight scenes are not too graphic as to turn off some readers. The overall writing is crisp and well plotted.

You have written a novel that has moved me to tears and I will recommend it to everyone. Thank you for your service to our country and for writing this book.


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