Thursday, September 19, 2013

Michael Bishop Books Reprinted

Two of Michael Bishops out of print novels are available again from Fairwood Press. If you don't already have one or even if you do, order these. They are two of his best.

ANCIENT OF DAYS is the story of a Homo habilis that shows up in middle Georgia and how he strives to become the best soul that he can be. The story is filled with colorful characters that show how differently people respond to the extraordinary people that travel on their everyday journey to being the best they can. Sometimes it's not the preachers and devout who try to lead you to being human and soulful. It can often be the one you least expect to make the greatest impression on you.

BRITTLE INNINGS tells the story of minor league baseball during the war years and how an up and coming player makes a giant of a man, who may just be Frankensteins' creation, into his best friend. Again in this novel, Bishop is showing the evolution of man into a searching and soulful being.

In both books, the South is used as a background, but the stories are universal and could be set anywhere. No matter where you live and how well you think you know your neighbors, there is someone you know who would replace the characters in these books. The storytelling is a pleasure to read and the words flow so well, it's hard to put the books down until they are finished.

Michael was one of the first authors I met and we have remained friends over the last mumble years and I think he is one of the treasures in our field. Every time you read one of his books, you know you have been given a treasure that will give you a reason to seek out more.

I hope to see more of his works reprinted for a new generation of readers.

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