Sunday, September 15, 2013

Grant Vs. Lee by Wayne Vansant

GRANT VS. LEE, Wayne Vansant, Zenith Press, $19.99, 104 pages, ISBN: 9780760354313, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

In this companion volume to GETTYSBURG (also from Zenith Press), Vansant goes us the graphic story of the final year of the War Between the States and the rivalry of Grant and Lee in their attempts to win the war for their side.

In March of 1864, Grant assumed command of the Union forces and thus began the final year of the war. Grant began his Overland Campaign and continued on through the battles of Petersburg, Richmond and the ultimate climax in Appomattox.

The story is told from both points of view and deals with the facts. Wayne has done exhaustive fact checking and research to make sure that the book is as factual as it can be.

This is an invaluable aid for history buffs, history teachers and the general reader. I realize we all have mental pictures when we read, but Vansant has provided them for you to show how things might have looked had you been there.

This is a wonderful addition to his graphic novels of the various wars and to the stories that he is telling. Don’t let this one slip past you, it’s a winner.

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