Friday, March 15, 2013

The Plaid Raccoon Press Launches New Book Line—Supernatural Thrillers (Press Release Distribution) - Mar 01,2013 -

The Ottawa-area publisher of the crime fiction novels of Michael J. McCann, author of the popular Donaghue and Stainer Crime Novel series set in Maryland, USA, has announced the launch of a new book line of supernatural thrillers set in eastern Ontario. The first novel is The Ghost Man, which was originally published by McCann in 2008, and has been reissued in a revised and updated edition. “I like the horror genre because it allows me to appeal to a new reading audience,” McCann said, “and I'm setting these novels in eastern Ontario, which is rich in tales of hauntings.” He plans to have another supernatural thriller ready for a Halloween 2013 release.

Readers of McCann's crime novels will immediately recognize his polished story-telling ability in The Ghost Man. The protagonist, former chef de cuisine and restaurant owner Simon Guthrie, is trying to rebuild his life after a car accident kills his wife and leaves him with a serious head injury. Recuperating in hospital, he tries to make sense of a near-death experience involving a malevolent entity he cannot identify. After his release, he sets out to rebuild his life but instead discovers he has become a beacon for ghosts trapped in this world who are trying to get to the other side. His new house is under nightly assault by the ghost of a young girl seeking to escape from a recurrent violent death at the hands of someone known as The Angry Man. His friends and neighbors also come under attack as murder and fire cause mayhem in the small Ontario community where he had hoped to rebuild his life. Include a demon who cannot be named, a séance, an exorcism rite, and thirteen ghostly white wolves, and you have a page-turner to the end!

The Ghost Man is available in eBook format from Amazon as a Kindle Select exclusive publication at Readers can enjoy it on any device on which the Kindle reader app is installed. The Ghost Man will also be available in trade paperback version.

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