Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Club Monstrocity eBook

E-books are really growing in popularity and the explosion of Kindles, Nooks and other ereaders as well as all the apps that make them available on tablets and cell phones make it so you always have something at your fingertips to read.

A growing number of writers and publishers are making short stories and novelettes available that are written especially for those devices.

Here is another opportunity for you to enjoy one of those offerings.

by Jesse Petersen is the new e-novella soon to be published by Pocket Star, a division of Simon and Schuster (April 22nd).

CLUB MONSTROSITY is a quirky and funny supernatural story about a support group for legendary monsters from pop culture living anonymously in the modern world. Led by Natalie, a creation of Dr. Frankenstein, the support group—which includes Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, the wolfman, and a mummy—finds themselves banding together for security and sleuthing after the Invisible Man is murdered in a manner eerily reminiscent of how H.G. Well’s Invisible Man met his demise.

A unique and fun twist on the classics, CLUB MONSTROSITY is an eBook original title, a rapidly growing market in the publishing industry. Jesse Petersen started as a self-published author with her previous eBooks, Married with Zombies, Flip This Zombie, and Eat Slay Love. You can visit her website here:

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