Friday, March 29, 2013

Eric Clapton Concert

Comments on the concert.

The Wallflowers did a lively, but too short, opening. It's easy to tell that Jakob is Bob Dylans son. The vocals are amazingly similar but I give Jakob the edge as far as his guitar work. I would have loved to have them do a Bob Dylan song as part of their set. Or even a duet with Clapton on Knocking on Heaven's Door.

Claptons set was amazing. He cover his entire career and was heavier on his blues roots that his rock songs. His guitar work was outstanding and he still maintains his "Clapton is God" status given to him all those years ago.

I was particularly touched by his acoustic set of Layla, Wonderful Tonight and Tears In Heaven. I notice some tears in the audience, myself included. This song is powerful to anyone who has ever lost a child and it shows that the pain will always remain. Those songs alone were worth the price of admission. The encore was Sunshine of Your Love and it was as powerful today as it was when it was recordeed with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker.

This was Jim Brock and I's annual birthday concert and it will be hard one to top next year. Happy Birthday Jim and thanks to Scott Hunter for driving us down.

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