Friday, March 8, 2013

Congregations of the Dead by James A Moore and Charles R Rutledge

CONGREGATIONS OF THE DEAD, James A Moore and Charles R Rutledge, Miskatonic Books, forthcoming, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Having read the majority of James A Moore’s output over the years, he has become one of those authors that when something with his name on it comes my way, I drop, stop and start reading. He seems to found a kindred soul in Charles R Rutledge. They have got the southern, small town feel nailed in this follow-up to BLIND SHADOWS.

It’s the miserably hot summer that comes along in the South that makes you need to change your shirt five times a day. Sheriff Carl Price is facing a lawsuit from members of the Blackbourne family after the events that almost wiped them out as depicted in BLIND SHADOWS. He is also looking for a child abducted from her home and was almost run over by the fleeing truck.

Wade Griffin has been asked to accept a missing person’s case and find a teenage girl who has left behind her Goth ways and possibly found religion. He is trying to get away from his mercenary ways and settle down with Charon, who runs the local Occult shop.

Reverend Lazarus Cotton, who is a tent revivalist minister, has moved his church to Georgia after his last church was burned in Florida and figures prominently in the search for Wade’s missing person and much of the action that takes place in the book.

In addition to the missing persons, there are drugs, pornography and supernatural forces that cause Carter DeCamp to be called in to render assistance.

Plenty of action sequences and surprises fill this volume that will get you so involved that you won’t let it go until you have finished it and start looking for the next volume in this blood soaked series that begs for another volume.

Be sure to keep your eye out for this one. It’s jam packed and exciting.

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