Saturday, November 23, 2019

1940's Trivia

Do You Know?

1. What was the average annual income of the American family in 1944? $1,299
2. Who were "Dem Bums"? Brooklyn Dodgers
3. What does, "Going like sixty," mean? 60 miles an hour - pretty fast highway speed until the late 30s!
4. What was the Glenn Miller Orchestra theme song? Moonlight Serenade
5. Who said, "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The announcer for the radio show “The Shadow”.
6. How much did a loaf of bread cost in 1941? 8 cents
7. What does SNAFU mean? Situation Normal -- All F_cked Up
8. Who was Kilroy? Character in drawings that showed up everywhere, symbolizing American soldier presence.
9. Who or what was a gob? A Navy man.
10. In 1941, who is president, VP, and the Army Chief of Staff? FDR, Henry Wallace, George C. Marshall
11. Who was in charge of the "College of Musical Knowledge?" Band leader Kay Kyser
12. Who was "Rosie the Riveter?" Symbol of the woman in the wartime work force.
13. Who was Ernie Pyle? Famous journalist that accompanied soldiers at the front who wrote for the GI.
14. What was the value of an "A" gas sticker? 3 gallons
15. Who was the known as the King of Hi De Ho?" Cab Calloway
16. What candy coated chocolates perfect for soldiers in the field who could not afford to let their hands or their weapons to become sticky were invented in 1940 by Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie? M and M's
16. What was the name of the new dance craze in the 1940's? The Lindy Hop
17. What voluptuous star exploded onto the screen in "The Outlaw?" Jane Russell
18. What is the meaning of "Rosebud?" From the Movie Citizen Kane - Kane's sled
19. What selective service code was used to determine that a man was fit for active military duty? A1
20. Who was the lead female singer for the Kay Kyser Orchestra in 1941? Ginny Simms

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