Monday, November 25, 2019

1940's Slang


Gremlins (bugs or fictional creatures that mess up things - like airplanes)
Ticker (heart)
Jitterbug - the Lindy Hop
Cats (jazz fans)
Killer Diller (good stuff)
18 Karat (excellent)
Lay some skin on me Flynn! (greeting from a jazz fan)
Alligator or Gator (swing fan - see ya later.)
Beat me daddy, eight to the bar... (play it hot!)
Ball (good time)
Twern't me McGee! (denial - from Fibber Mcgee and Molly radio show)
Snap your cap (blow your cool, get angry)
The bomb (very good - cool)
Hooch, booze (alcohol)
Licorice stick (clarinet)
Greetings Gates (hello!)
Threads (clothing)
Well, allreet! (Alright!)
Dame (woman)
What do ya know, what do ya say? (Hello, how are you?)

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