Thursday, October 17, 2019

Duchamp Versus Einstein by Christopher Hinz & Etan Ilfeld

"Deeply engaging. Cleverly weaves history and chess into a thought-provoking tale!" – New York Times bestseller Wesley Chu

A voice drifts out of a dark alleyway in 1917 New York, and an apple falls from a hand in 1905 Bern. Duchamp stumbles home from a radical demonstration and Einstein wrestles with an ambitious new theory outside the patent office.

Little do they know they are hurtling towards each other, and a chess match to end all matches manipulated by a being beyond even their understanding.

"Duchamp versus Einstein is full of surprises, bringing these two fascinating intellects together around a chess board at a pivotal moment for mankind." - Christopher Slaney, author of Age of Sail

Available from Angry Robot Books

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