Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sea Turtle Inn from Circlet Press

Sea Turtle Inn, H.B. Kurtzwilde, Gressive Press,, ISBN 978-1-61390-099-4 ebook, ISBN 978-1-61390-100-7 paperback, Word Count: 25,190, List Price: $6.99, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

The Sea Turtle Inn has quite a reputation in St Augustine, Florida as a bawdy house that has been owned by the same family for centuries. The family is descended from pirates and it makes for the perfect tourist attraction. It is also the home of several ghosts that have gotten more offensive to the customers.

Enter Andrew Wells, a noted local paranormalist, who has come to find out if the stories are tall tales, flat out lies, or a genuine manifestation of “pirates in the Bridal Suite”. Black Roger and Dirty Davey Bonny are the two spirits that have been pulling pranks for years that have become more violent of late.

As Wells investigates at the behest of Miss B. A. Davis, “just Davis”, he feels that there is more to learn about the Inn and Davis. During his investigation, he uncovers the story of Black Roger and Dirty Davey and feels that Davis has more to share that he has to discover on his own.

This is one of the more unusual books I have read from Circlet in that the story is extremely well done and the sexual content is not as prevalent as in their other works. When there is sexual content it is there to help the story to progress and help to reveal century’s old secrets that continue till today.

Give this one a try. It’s well written and there are not many of these paranormal adventures around to choose from.

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