Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sea Turtle Inn by H.B. Kurtzwilde

Sea Turtle Inn
by H.B. Kurtzwilde
ISBN 978-1-61390-099-4 ebook
ISBN 978-1-61390-100-7 paperback
Word Count: 25,190
List Price: $6.99

(Cambridge, MA) – Gressive Press, an imprint of Circlet Press dedicated to sex-positive science fiction/fantasy outside the gender binary, is proud to present Sea Turtle Inn by Lambda Literary Award nominated author H.B. Kurtzwilde. In this transgender, gay, paranormal romance, Kurtzwilde weaves elements of southern gothic horror with passionate characters and a vividly rendered setting unlike any other.

Once a tavern historically popular amongst pirates, the Sea Turtle Inn is now an enchanting coastal Floridian hotel and bar that boasts stunning gothic architecture, scenic views, and a nightlife that can best be described as, well… unique. An accomplished paranormalist, Andrew Wells, has been hired by the current owner to investigate claims that the inn’s rooms are haunted by the unruly, restless, and randy spirits of Black Roger and Dirty Davy, two rival pirates rumored to have murdered one another over a woman. But the true story behind the pirates' demise and the degree to which the Sea Turtle Inn is actually haunted turns out to be more complicated than centuries' old rumor and popular reputation would imply. Meanwhile, Andrew finds himself more intrigued by the inn's enigmatic proprietor Davis. Resolving Davis's family secrets may prove key to finally putting the tumultuous spirits to rest.

Available for sale at Circlet.com, Amazon's Kindle store, through Barnes & Noble's Nook, and at many other fine ebook retailers, readers can now enjoy Sea Turtle Inn on their computers, ereaders, and smartphones.

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