Friday, February 14, 2014

Inheritance and Van Gogh's Ear

INHERITANCE, Joe McKinney, Evil Jester Press, 356 pages, Kindle, $4.99, ISBN: 978-0615690896, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Paul Henninger has grown up with a shatter-pated mother, who committed suicide, and his father who had his own demons to conquer. He lived on a farm that raised goats and was a good enough football player to get a scholarship ti the University of Texas-San Antonio. One night, his father starts speaking in a strange language and marks Paul and starts to give him “his INHERITANCE”.

Six years later Paul is a rookie cop on the Antonio Police Force and has married his college sweetheart. One of his first cases involves a mass death of a warehouse full of dead junkies and a strange goat running loose as well as a vision of his father. Later, all the bodies disappear from the morgue and we learn of Paul’s fathers’ goal to obtain magical abilities and then pass this INHERITANCE on to Paul, who wants no part of it.

Mckinney knows his police procedures, his writing craft, and how to raise the hair on the back of your neck with his horror. What more could you ask for? McKinney always delivers a great book and this is no exception.

THE ORIGINAL VAN GOGH’S EAR ANTHOLOGY, VOLUME 8, Tina Hall,, $4.99 ebook, Kindle, 684 pages, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Ian Ayres started this several years back and has turned it over to the very capable hands of Tina Hall. I have a poem in this volume, but will not mention it again.

This volume is chocked full of poetry, stories, artwork, photography and interviews. The list of contributors include, Jill Bauman, Trent Zelazny, Ian Ayres, Garrett Cook, Graham Masterton, Eric May and so many others that will make it possible to find something to suit your tastes.

Tina has done an excellent job of seeking out and promoting new and talented people in all of the arts and genres to share with a worldwide audience. Check out the website at for daily additions to expand your mind and possibly find something new to make you think and add to your favorites.

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