Wednesday, November 6, 2013

RAUS! UNTOTEN! edited by Matthew Sylvester


ISBN: 978-1-909573-10-9

The Editor Matthew Sylvester has this to say:

Raus! Untoten! is, in my opinion, a truly unique collection of stories. The Nazi Zombie trope, genre even, has become firmly entrenched in the public's mind. Films and books have saturated the market to the extent that Nazis are synonymous with Zombies.

Vampires have also come to the fore in recent years and have, to the stunned horror of horror fans, become sexy in a faintly necrophyliac manner.

But Zombies and Vampires are just two of a myriad of undead horrors waiting to come lunging out of the shadows to slash out throats, suck our eyes from their sockets and scoop our warm brains into their gaping, fang-lined maws.

Raus! Untoten! addresses this imbalance. Naturally we have zombies, but we also have vampires, French grey puppets, Jewish golems and even vengeful spirits.

So, make yourself comfortable, pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple and let yourself be taken away to worlds of horror.

Matthew Sylvester

This book is £1.94 ebook or £6.99 paperback and features New York Times best selling author Graham McNeill.

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