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LEGEND OF THE ELLS, a new fantasy saga by J. T. Wheeling


Legend of the Ells - Book One: TOMORROW’S CHILDREN

ISBN: 978-1-907407-02-4, 195pp, CATEGORY: Children’s fiction/ fantasy. Age range 10-14 PUBLISHER: Black Leaf

Excitement from the first sentence, a gripping new fantasy saga by J.T. Wheeling

“Open your mind to the possibility of a brilliant and better tomorrow.”

Alarmed by the state of affairs on Earth early in the 21st Century, the Ells - a wise humanoid race - arrive to solve mankind’s problems. Four centuries further on, their task largely completed, they must return to their own world. To counter any threat from power-hungry dissidents, a few of whom have acquired Ell technology, a small group of young half-Ells will remain on Earth. One of these is Yani, a young boy, saved by gypsies then held by smugglers while totally unaware of his true heritage.

On his fourteenth birthday Yani escapes from captivity and sets off on an incredible journey with a few loyal friends he meets along the way. As he grows and develops, powerful influences begin to emerge and a slow awakening takes place within him as his inherited and unusual Ell abilities start to show themselves. Thrills and surprises galore abound on this incredible adventure as dangers escalate to a thrilling climax.


Lucy looked hard at Dr Macgregor. “You want us to work out the meaning behind this story? Well, I think you are trying to show us how divided people were by narrow mindedness.” Yani said, “Surely it’s more than that. Is it not a picture of how Earth was? We can see that the Creator was given different names by different religions and this led to wars and terrible cruelty, but why should the Creator care what name people give him? Turias nodded adding, “Or which path they take to climb the mountain.” “Also,” Yani added, “it shows you can only climb one path at a time.” “And respect the path others choose,” said Lucy.

The Saga continues

Book Two: The Young Guardians

Having freed his old adversary, Krask, from prison and converting him, Yani commandeers his aid in catching the fiendish Xyle and putting a stop to his plans and his intent to discredit the new young Guardians with the World Council. When Yani discovers, however, that his son by the fair and good Estelle - sister of the evil Goddess Zenia and daughter of Krask - has been kidnapped by Zenia, he sets off complete with powerful staff to find them. And so begins another incredible journey. (Ages 14-15)

Book Three: The Rainbow Jewel

As Xyle's diabolic plans to seize control of Earth's affairs near success, only Yani and his fellow young Guardians offer any hope of defeating him. The conflict now extends across space and time to where Xyle's castle hides his darkest secrets. There Zenia has grown into a beautiful creature, dedicated to serving Xyle with ruthless cruelty… (YA)

Coming Soon - Book Four: The Menace of the Jenn

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