Friday, November 8, 2013

Lynn Viehl's Popular DISENCHANTED & CO ebooks to be released in paperback

Gallery books will be releasing DISENCHANTED & CO. (Pocket Books; January 28, 2014; $7.99) and THE CLOCKWORK WOLF (Pocket Books; February 25, 2014; $7.99) by Lynn Viehl.

“Original and enjoyable…Kit was a great main character—she reminded me a bit of a grown up Nancy Drew, if Nancy Drew had lived in a supernatural version of America.”

—All Things Urban Fantasy on Disenchanted & Co., Part I: Her Ladyship’s Curse

The first book, DISENCHANTED & CO. is a bindup of the first two parts Disenchanted & Co., Part I: Her Ladyship’s Curse and Disenchanted & Co., Part II: His Lordship Possessed, which were released as Pocket Star EBook originals in 2012.

Part One (HER LADYSHIP’S CURSE): Charmian “Kit” Kittredge is hardly the most prim of ladies in the West Coast town of Rumsen (akin to Seattle), in a Victorian reality in which the British defeated the American Revolution. As a private detective / magic debunker living in the slightly rougher part of town, she normally stays away from the proper, wealthy society of the Hill. When Lady Diana comes to her with a perplexing mystery—someone is carving messages into her body while she sleeps, vile words like GREEDY and SLUT—Kit cannot pass up the chance to help a woman in distress. Sifting through the various motivations of Diana’s household, and examining the magic said to be underlying the ‘curse’ causing these markings, Kit realizes something: She’s in over her head. As the nature of magic, and Kit’s place in that world, slowly becomes evident, the mysterious deathmage Lucien Dredmore is vacillating between destroying her and protecting her from the people of the Hill. It seems even he can’t make up his mind about the fiercely independent, unique being that is Kit.

Part Two (HIS LORDSHIP POSSESSED): Charmian “Kit” Kittredge isn’t sure who to trust. At the end of HIS LADYSHIP’S CURSE, the mysterious deathmage Lucien Dredmore had kidnapped her and locked her in his remote castle/dungeon. (Really, the difference between a castle and a dungeon is all in the attitude, right?) But now it seems he might have been…trying to keep her safe? Something is rotten in the West Coast town of Rumsen (akin to Seattle), an outpost in a Victorian reality in which America never managed to throw off its colonial status. As a private detective / magic debunker living in the rougher part of town, Kit avoided the wealthy society of the Hill and definitely did not believe in magic. However, strange events have led her down an investigative trail that will question everything she’s known. A secretive group of elite society men have been dabbling in some dark arts, and it seems that close encounters of the demonic kind might be the next social event of the season. Kit has never been a belle of the ball, but she sure knows how to crash a party…

In the second installment of the Disenchanted & Co. series, THE CLOCKWORK WOLF will have readers riveted in a world of steampunk and magic. As the proprietor of Disenchanted & Co. in a steampunk version of America, Charmian “Kit” Kittredge makes her living solving magical crimes. As a favor to deathmage Lucien Dredmore, Kit agrees to interview a newly widowed lady as a potential client. Upon meeting, however, she learns that the woman in question is none other than Lady Eugenia Bestly, president of the Rumsen Ladies Decency Society—someone who once led a vicious campaign to ruin Kit’s life. Ironically Lady Bestly now lives in fear herself, for the press is about to unmask her husband as the savage “Wolfman” who died while terrorizing the city.

As monstrous rampages continue to occur, Kit soon determines there is more than one Wolfman, and that they may themselves be victims of evil players. While avoiding both mechanized assassins and attempts by Dredmore and Chief Inspector Tom Doyle to take her under their protection, Kit follows a tangled path that leads from a prestigious gentlemen’s club fronting a hellish secret to a vengeful native tribe and dangerous, ancient magics.

Lynn Viehl has published fifty novels in nine genres, including her New York Times bestselling Darkyn series.

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