Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Shadow Wars by Rod Reese

Rod Reese

First Daughter Norma Williams is stranded in the sinister cyber-world of the not-so-distant future called the Demi-Monde, a world inhabited by some of history’s most menacing villains and where nothing is as it seems. Norma knows she was a fool to be lured into this virtual nightmare of a world, and when the agent sent in the game to save her goes rogue and a long forgotten evil is awoken, it falls to Norma to lead the resistance.

As the shadows of war grow ever darker across the Demi-Monde and Norma is betrayed by those she thought were friends, she must helm the battle against a terrifying force if she wants to survive.

Lost, without a plan, and with the army of the ForthRight marching ever closer, she must come to terms with terrible new responsibilities and with the knowledge that those she thought were her friends are now her enemies. To triumph in this surreal cyber-world she must be more than she ever believed she could be . . . or perish.

Pick up THE SHADOW WARS, the second volume of the Demi-Monde Saga

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