Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dead on Arrival by Cystal Lynn Hilbert

DEAD ON ARRIVAL, Crystal Lynn Hilbert, Eggplant Literary Productions, 9781932207385, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Max was expecting to have a great day then he nicked myself shaving, dropped his razor on the floor, stepped on it and then fell and bashed in his skull. Now he gets to haunt his apartment and the new resident isn’t happy about it.

Charlie is one of the most beautiful women Max has ever seen and she does her best to ignore him. Hilbert has an amusing way of getting Max and Charlie to accept each other and grow into a sort of symbiotic relationship.

As they learn about each other, the story flows well and the story is an interesting one. Max goes as far as trying to take over a body to show his true feelings.

As the story winds down and Charlie is injured in a hit and run, Charlie has an interesting story to tell Max and the story comes to a very satisfying conclusion. Hilbert has a talent and is able to keep the readers interest going and growing with concerns for the characters. This is another solid entry from Hilbert and Eggplant Literary Productions.

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