Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kiss of Temptation by Sandra Hill


A Deadly Angels Book

By Sandra Hill

(Avon| On Sale: 3/26/2013| ISBN 9780062064639| $5.99 |E-Book ISBN 9780062063878 | $5.99)

It’s finally here! New York Times best-selling author Sandra Hill’s Deadly Angels series has been high on the list of fan-favorites since book one, Kiss of Pride, and its sequel, Kiss of Surrender. But a romance series centering on the seven deadly sins, and sexy Vikings turned into angels, is bound to have one break-out star, and this is it—the one you’ve been waiting for!

Kiss of Temptation is all about reformed vangel Ivak Sigurdsson’s battle to find balance between lust and love—with feisty lawyer Gabrielle Sonnier. With Hill’s trademark wicked humor, this book hits all the right notes: sexy and steamy, laugh-out-loud funny, surprisingly sweet—and it doesn’t hurt that there are vampire Viking angels. Vampire. Viking. Angels. It’s like a trifecta of what romance readers want, created by the inimitable Sandra Hill, and available to readers at a bargain $5.99 price!


Men wanted to be him, and women just wanted him…

In his life as a fearsome Viking warrior, Ivak Sigurdsson was no stranger to the sin of lust, leaving a trail of broken hearts in his wake. But when a man is as careless about the consequences of his actions as Ivak, he can only go so long without paying the price for his sins—and Viking justice is swift and harsh. After betraying his best friend—and paying the ultimate price for it—Ivak is given a choice: die, or serve the archangel Michael and become a vangel.

One thousand years of temptation…

For one thousand years, Ivak remains celibate, serving a personal penance to Michael, going where he is commanded, and fighting the good fight against the demonic lucipires. But Gabrielle Sonnier is everything that Ivak can’t resist: a sassy, smart lawyer with a heart of gold—and she’s gorgeous, too. Serving as a prison chaplain where Gabrielle’s brother is wrongfully incarcerated means that Ivak can’t seem to avoid her—and he doesn’t even know if he wants to, anymore. Between dealing with a rowdy inmate talent show, a cranky archangel, and the crazy Cajun LeDeux brood of Tante Lulu, Ivak has more than enough to deal with. But when the lucipires start acting up in New Orleans, it’s up to Ivak to protect Gabrielle, and the temptation she provides may just be too great for him to resist.

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