Sunday, August 5, 2012

Homestead by James A Moore

HOMESTEAD, James A. Moore, Cemetery Dance, forthcoming, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Sometimes I wonder if James Moore has multiple personalities. He is able to write the stories featuring Jonathan Crowley in all of the gory bloodspilling detail. Then he can create the smoldering Lovecraftian Mythos of DEEPER and now with HOMESTEAD he gives us the psychological terror that comes from discovering what happens when repressed memories become exposed to the light.

Kathy Erinson has moved her family back to the family farm that she left as a child after her best friend, Mickey, and five other children disappeared and they were never found nor was anyone ever arrested for the crimes. Even today, she keeps close watch on her children.

In her spare time, she likes to draw but her latest work seems to be drawing themselves as the missing children’s faces are appearing in her work. When Mickey disappeared, Kathy searched for him on her own for weeks until one day she stopped and she can’t remember why.

Kathy begins to revisit sites from her past and re-opens an old barn that had been locked up since she was a child. As she follows the path she searched as a child, memories begin to come back and her memory, although dim and distant becomes clear.

James A. Moore has written a tale that makes the reader shiver as it is brought to a conclusion as Kathy’s memory returns with a chilling conclusion to the tale. This is another winner from Moore and another terrific story from his horror filled trunk of tales.

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  1. Well,you certainly know how to make a man blush, sir! Thank you for the kind words.