Sunday, August 26, 2012

Battle for Chronos

BATTLE FOR CHRONOS, Tom Ciolli, $3.99, Kindle Edition, 125 pages, ISBN: 9781450797924, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

This is the latest addition to Ciolli’s Chronos Series that tells of man’s fight to free themselves from the grip of The Syndicate and learn from the Amalthea to gain more knowledge of their telepathic powers. As their training develops, they also learn that The Prophecy has predicted their victory.

In this episode of the adventure series, we have time travel, genetic manipulation, guerrilla tactics on land and massive space battles – space opera at its best. As usual there is plenty of action from Zach Murphy, who seems to be destined by The Prophecy to be the savior of both races.

Along the way there are some western style gunfights, saving the damsel in distress, discovering weapons from the past that can only be operated by the humans of today.

Tom Ciolli has written another rousing adventure. It leaves me with some unanswered questions about the motives of the Amalthea, but even though this is listed as the final volume, they may be answered in forthcoming additional adventures.

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