Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kultus is soon to be unlocked

by Richard Ford

Unlocked on 1st November (UK)
and 25th October (US & Canada)

£7.99 (UK) ISBN 978-1-907992-27-8
$7.99/$9.99 (US & CAN) ISBN 978-1-907992-28-5

Available as an ebook

Some keys should never be turned…

A steam-powered burlesque of brutal demonic action by the latest break-out talent from Solaris!

Thaddeus Blaklok – mercenary, demonist, bastard and thug-for-hire – is pressed into retrieving a mysterious key for his clandestine benefactors. Little does he know that other parties seek to secure this artefact for their own nefarious ends and soon he is pursued by brutal cultists, bloodthirsty gangsters, deadly mercenaries and hell spawned monsters, all bent on stopping him by any means necessary.

In a lightning paced quest that takes him across the length and breadth of the steam-fuelled city of Manufactory, Blaklok must use his wits and his own demonic powers to keep the key from those who would use it for ill, and open the gates to Hell itself.

Wrapped in a beautiful cover by famous Batman and Robin comic artist Fraser Irving, this is a sizzling mix of the occult and steampunk from a debut novelist that doesn’t leave the fun out.

About the Author

Richard Ford hails from the dark, windswept streets of Leeds in the grim north of England, but managed to escape to the idyllic Wiltshire countryside, where he can now be found frolicking by the Thames, drinking cider and singing songs about combine harvesters.

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