Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Health Update

A few months ago while having an exam at the VA hospital, the doctor mentioned that I had signs of an infarct and should have an EKG. After the EKG was done, I was asked when I had my heart attack. I told them “never” and they told me I was wrong and I had signs of one and scheduled me for an echo and stress test.

Previously I was seeing a cardiologist and he told me I had valvular heart disease with mitral regurgitation, but it was a common thing and not to worry about it unless I required anesthesia, otherwise I was fine. So I didn’t worry anymore about it until the results came up at the VA.

I had the stress test and the doctor called the next day and said I was being scheduled for a “procedure”. I’m scheduled on September 20 for a heart cath and an internal camera to access any damage that I may have. If stents are needed, they will be done at that time with anything else to follow if necessary.

Everyone tells me this is just a minor surgery and not to worry, but to me no surgery is minor and if you are playing around in my heart it is pretty damn serious to me.

The VA doctor seems to think that this is related to my service in Vietnam and the exposure to Agent Orange there. I already have type II diabetes, hypertension, neuropathy and PTSD from my time there and now this. I’ve been in good spirits, but the closer it gets the more nervous I am.

I’ll post my results on Facebook and the blog and email everyone on the list when I get the results. So just keep a good thought for me.

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