Monday, September 19, 2011

Chronos Prophecies

CHRONOS PROPHECIES, Tom Ciolli, Kindle, $4.00, 78 pages, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

In CHRONOS, the first book in the series we were introduced to a world ruled by The Mining Syndicate and the battles fought by The Wolverines led by Zach Murphy. It was a battle filled action packed volume.

In this second installment, there are still action packed adventures, but, Ciolli has shifted the story to the fulfillment of the prophecies that have been passed down for a thousand years. Murphy and his team are also instructed in developing their mental telepathy and other powers.

We also see more of the planet where dinosaurs have been allowed to evolve; meet ages old human and Amalthean telepaths; and, are finally told more of how the Amaltheans and humans are linked together.

Ciolli has a grand plan in place for further adventures (at least I hope he does) and I’m sure after reading CHRONOS PROPHECIES, you, too, will want to find out more of the secrets that the two races share.

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