Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mythos Con Update

I received an email from my old friend Adam Niswander which briefly said

MythosCon is now just under eleven months away.
The website is at: http://www.mythoscon.org

Check out the details and if you can make it, it sounds like an interesting convention for the lovers and writers of the fantastic and the works of Lovecraft.

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  1. I am so excited about MythosCon -- I'm actually dreaming about it! The membership list looks rather small at the moment, but I have heard from many people who definitely plan on attending but have yet to register, and I know of some few who have sent in their $$$ but are not yet listed as attending members. S. T. Joshi (whom I have just interviewed in a live video on my channel over at YouTube) is working with Adam on scheduling panels and readings, I believe. The list of writers, artists, editors and publishers who will be attending is already impressive and so thrilling. This will be one of the finest Lovecraftian events of all time! Be there or be non-Euclidean!