Monday, February 15, 2010

Movie News

Here's some news I received from Indy Film Co-op. Looks like the old time B Movies are back and Jim Wynorski is leading the charge.

Monster Cruise, a Mid West family comedy, is wrapped.

(Franklin, Indiana, February 15th, 2010)

Genre legend Jim Wynorski has just finished shooting a scene in Franklin which supposedly is set in Lapland. Shay Baker and Erin Neufer were just driving across the frozen tundra, fearing that somehow they took a wrong turn on their way to Baltimore.Wynorski yells cut and the cast and crew scurry to find the nearest source of warmth.

Matt Borges, Art Director muttered, “ I miss Lake Monroe,” the location where the crew shot for 2 weeks during Indian summer in September.

Monster Cruise really has a three year old story, beginning when B Movie Celebration organizer Bill Dever invited Jim Wynorski to attend Franklin’s B Movie Celebration. “When I arrived, I was immediately struck with the idea that somehow Mayberry was teleported to Indiana,” says Wynorski. “Franklin was so beautiful that I knew one day I would make a movie here.”

Fast forward three years later. Wynorski and Dever had developed a strong friendship and had worked together on FIRE FROM BELOW, a Syfy movie of the week. Wynorski was instrumental in bringing the movie to Indiana and wanted to do something else together. “Joe Gaudin, my producing partner and I really wanted to make a movie celebrating summer in Indiana,” said Bill Dever. “I knew Jim was just aching to shoot something in Franklin so the time was right”

A script was hastily put together with long time collaborator Carl Salminen; locations were assembled in Franklin and Lake Monroe. Paul Wallace, Shay Baker, Kayla Gill and Erin Neufer, local actors from Indiana were cast in the leads. Veteran performers Gerry Pauwels from Bloomington, Vicky Richmond from Shelbyville, Jim Hardin and Bill Cothron from Louisville, and Stacey Dixon from Nashville brought depth and experience to this cast. Horror veteran Jim O’Rear and comedian Ervin Ross from Columbus fleshed out the cast.

So, on September 14th 2010, an earnest group of Indiana filmmakers and one of Hollywood’s most experienced directors set out to weave a tale that celebrated summer in the Mid West. Monster Cruise tells the story of a boy, a boat, and a sea monster.

“The film turned out far better that we hoped” says Wynorski. “I think movie goers are going to come away from Monster Cruise laughing, smiling, and wanting to visit Franklin, Indiana.”

It is anticipated that Monster Cruise will be released in September.

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