Sunday, February 7, 2010

Horror Anthology Review

Here's a new review from me. Be sure and check out the website as well.

AND NOW THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS: The Horror Zine, Volume One, edited by Jeani Rector, BearManor Media, $16.95, 256 pages, ISBN: 9781593933562, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

This is a collection of stories, poems, and illustrations that have appeared online at This volume is a perfect way to catch up on the stories that you have missed or will be an excellent introduction to the talent that is appearing there. It’s a well put together volume with the stories grouped together at the beginning and the poetry grouped by author in its own section.

The stories are interesting and are somewhat surprising in getting their point across to the reader. “Folks Don’t Always Come out of Ratwitch Cave the Same” by Lawrence Baker opens the volume with a tale of revenge. “I’m Coming to Get You” by Jason D. Brawn is about a twisted deal with the devil. A man with “supernatural abilities” finds out what his gift really is when he finds “The Dead Wall” by David Byron. Connor de Bruler has a cautionary tale about a new milk product marketed to women in “Venus”. Other tales are looks at the boogey man, the rattling man, Halloween lights, and a dreamcatcher.

The poetry varies between types; length and subject matter, but is at home in this anthology. Vampires, a succubus, zombies, dreams and other topics are the fodder for the writings chosen to be presented here.

Check out the website and see some of the current offerings and pick up this volume to see what you have been missing. There aren’t many places for horror stories to find a home these days. This is place for them, but don’t plan on getting too cozy.

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