Thursday, May 21, 2009

Slices by James A. Moore

Here is an older review, but the book was delayed for a while. The original plan was to only print enough copies to cover the pre-orders, but there may be some available. Check with Earthling Press, It's a tremendous collection.

James A. Moore
Earthling Press, $45, Out of Print
reviewed by Barry Hunter

This is going to be an extremely hard book to get a hold of. It was available only during the month of October, 2006 and was limited to the number of pre-orders only. I don’t know if you will be able to find this on the secondary market, but it will be well worth the hunt because there is plenty of fine reading between the covers. It may be called SLICES because of the individual servings presented here, but be sure of one thing – it is a very enjoyable pie.

A Vietnam vet hears some World War II "War Stories", and learns about John Crowley fifty years later. "Harvest Moon" features Summittville and Lake Overtree and is a stepping stone to his latest novel. Sometimes a "Grease Painted Smile" doesn’t always reflect the true face of the clown. We all look for "A Place Where There Is Peace", but are we sure we will like what we find there. Indian Myth takes center stage as the "Skinwalker" stalks. There are almost a dozen other stories here including "Simon’s Muse" that lets us in on where one author gets his ideas.

This is a wonderful collection showcasing the shorter fiction of Moore who is well known for his masterpieces of horror in novel length. It’s well worth the hunt.

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