Saturday, May 16, 2009

Angels & Demons 2000

From out of the past is this review of ANGELS & DEMONS by Dan Brown. It appeared in the Spring 2000 issue of Baryon. This actually is the first novel to feature Robert Langdon. We all know what happened when he went on to solve THE DAVINCI CODE and there is a third book coming out soon and Ron Howard already has it penciled in for movie production.

So here is a time capsule review from Baryon 76, March, 2000.

ANGELS & DEMONS, Dan Brown, Pocket Books, $24.95, 448 pages, May 2000, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

CERN is a scientific research facility in Switzerland and renowned physicist Leonardo Vetra has been found murdered in his suite with the word Illuminati branded on his chest. Robert Langdon, a symboligist, is called to help out and finds himself involved in more than a simple murder case.

As Langdon and Vetra’s daughter, Vittoria, seek to find the Illuminati – supposedly disolvelve for over 400 years, they become involved with the theft of Vetra’s creation of anti-matter, a plot to destroy the Vatican while a new Pope is being elected, kidnapping and murder.

Brown has done his homework with this one. He is well versed in the history of the original Illuminati, the history of the Vatican and how today news media works. It’s an exciting and fast moving read that should be enjoyed by all. The Illuminati conspirists should have plenty of fun with it as well.

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