Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Just some random thoughts about today. To all who served in Viet Nam, you are in my thoughts today. Especially those in Echo Company, 725th Maintainance, 25th Division who were in Cu Chi where I served in a helicopter repair unit from September 1969 to September 1970.

All the veterans from all the wars, from the Revolutionary War to those serving today are men and women to be proud of. Many of them have paid the ultimate price to show that Freedom is never really free. The price may be steep, but it is a price that can not afford to be paid.

We may not need to be the policemen of the world but someone has to do it. Other countries would let it fall by the wayside, including too many people in this marvelous country we call our home. Even though we may not agree with what they have to say, many have laid down their lives to guarantee their right to say it. But just because they have the right to say it doesn't mean we have to agree with it or listen to it. You have as much a right to your opinion as they do theirs.

When I moved to Rome, one of the first friends I made was a James Dean looking guy named Johnny Gantt. We both like the same type movies and music. We rarely saw each other outside of school because we didn't live close enough to do so. We both ended up at different high schools and drifted apart as childhood friends often do. After high school, he joined the Army. The last time I was in touch with his family was shortly after his funeral. He died in Viet Nam. His name is on The Wall.

My Dad was in World War II and was a Medical Corpsman at Fitzsimmons Army Hospital during his tour. Kathy's Dad was also in World War II in Europe. He won two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart, but never talked about it. That's the thing most people don't realize about Vets - they do their duty, but don't brag.

God Bless our Veterans and our Active Duty Service Members, you are on my mind today and everyday.

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