Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dreamdark: Silksinger

Here's the review of the second Dreamdark book. Put it on your list to pick up. It may be possible to pre-order at

DREAMDARK: Silksinger, Laini Taylor, Putnam’s, September 2009, $18.99, 464 pages, ISBN: 9780399246319, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

In this splendid follow-up to DREAMDARK: Blackbringer, we are introduced to a new group of characters and joined by our friends from the first volume as they search for the other Djinns of creation to awaken them to the new age as it is being brought about by Magpie Windwitch and her band. We are also enlightened by some of the legends and stories from the far past to give us a more solid background to the series.

Whisper Silksinger is the last of her clan and must fulfill her oath. Her parents were set upon by devils pursuing the Djinn Lord, the Azazel, whom they were protecting. Whisper ends up in a roving caravan as she tries to find her way to Nazneen and restore the Azazel to his throne.

Magpie and her crew have found Lord Ithuriel and discover the plight of Whisper and set out to find her and help her accomplish her mission. While traveling in the caravan, Whisper is watched over by Hirik, who has sworn to return the Azazel to his home, but hides a great secret to his true origin.

As the story unravels, we find out more of the history of the different fairy clans and their unique abilities. We discover that things are not always what they seem and some friends have deep dark secrets that lead to surprise and disappointment.

As with the first volume, Laini Taylor has written a marvelous and fast paced novel that is wonderful for all ages. I’m already looking forward to the next DREAMDARK novel and I’m sure you will be too.

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