Monday, January 22, 2018


Reviewed by Jim Brock

Having devoted a lot more of my reading time in recent years to mysteries, its always a good day when I come across a new author - especially one who hits all the right notes for me. Stephen Axelrod does exactly that with NANTUCKET FIVE-SPOT. And for a bonus, there is a previous novel titled NANTUCKET SAWBUCK that I will be seeking out.

Axelrod's main man is Henry Kennis, Chief of Police in Nantucket. Kennis is a former Los Angeles policeman who has become the perfect person for the Nantucket chief's job.He understands the island and he understands the people. When an agent from Homeland Security comes stomping to the island in response to some bomb attacks that could ultimately threaten some of America's elite, Henry is not the type to be relegated to the background. Since that agent has a hidden agenda (don't they all) and his fellow, female agent has a Henry connection, things could be disastrous for the chief.

At the bottom of NANTUCKET FIVE-SPOT is a vengeful plot going back years and the very complexity of the plot is a chore to unravel. Sometimes the getting there is half the fun, Axelrod has the potential to join the list of mystery writers I love like Archer Meyer, Craig Johnson, William Kent Kruezer and others who have strong characters, good puzzles and settings in places I will never see but that adda lot of flavor and uniqueness to their books.

I'm looking for NANTUCKET SAWBUCK and I'm looking forward to more from Stephen Axelrod.

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