Monday, October 9, 2017

Three from Chandler Steele

CAT'S PAW, KILLING GAME, and BROKEN DREAMS, Chandler Steele, SteeleRomance, $12.99 each (Amazon), reviewed by Jim Brock.

CAT'S PAW and KILLING GAME are Veritas novels and BROKEN DREAMS is a Veritas novella. Veritas is an organization run by a reformed super wealthy arms dealer. Veritas investigates cases of various types and uses its operatives to great effect to set things right or to prevent bad things from happening. These cases include drug dealing, domestic terrorism, etc. There are several commonalities between these books. The women are all hot and they are equally or more lethal than the males. The action is straight forward and intense. The sex is also hot and intense.

I do not know why authors use pseudonyms. I guess there are various reasons. In this case, I once said I would read this author's grocery list because she is so good. These Chandler Steele books are yet another direction for her but I will always follow - no matter which way she takes me. Whether we are chasing magicians or wizards or demons or thieves or murderers, I'm on board.

How about a book for Miri and The Iceman? I'm on board for that one, too.

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