Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Jen Williams: The Copper Promise

Jen Williams: The Copper Promise


There are some tall stories about the caverns beneath the Citadel – about magic and mages and monsters and gods.

Wydrin of Crosshaven has heard them all, but she’s spent long enough trawling caverns and taverns with her companion Sir Sebastian to learn that there’s no money to be made in chasing rumours.

But then a crippled nobleman with a dead man’s name offers them a job: exploring the Citadel’s darkest depths. It sounds like just another quest with gold and adventure … if they’re lucky, they might even have a tale of their own to tell once it’s over.

These reckless adventurers will soon learn that sometimes there is truth in rumour. Sometimes a story can save your life.

Praise for The Copper Promise:

“Williams’ fast-paced narrative never leaves room for a pause and captivates from page one.”
– Sci-Fi Now

“A fast-paced and original new voice in heroic fantasy.”
– Adrian Tchaikovsky, author of Children of Time and the Shadows of the Apt series

Jen, vital stats:


Of note:
Loves mead and Star Wars
If not an author would be a paleontologist
Unusually good at finding things
Thundercats are the best, okay?

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