Thursday, April 28, 2016


So…about fairies. They are not the Tinkerbell-ish, benevolent little winged creatures I grew up with. But, being SFF and Urban Fantasy readers…we all knew that, right? Debut author Ruth Vincent definitely knows that: the fairies in her first Changeling P.I. novel (on-sale 5/3), ELIXIR, are compelling, three-dimensional characters that are slightly beyond the human realm. And of course, the fairy queen is as deliciously evil, terrifying, and treacherous as you could hope for.

ELIXIR is a gritty, NYC-set Urban Fantasy: on the surface, Mabily “Mab” Jones seems like your average millennial: over-educated, under-employed, and just barely getting by as an unpaid intern for a private investigator. But she’s also a once-powerful fairy, tricked by the Fairy Queen into an existence forever trapped in her human form. Her two worlds collide when she’s investigating a missing person case a modern speakeasy, and she’s forced to confront her past life as a changeling. Meanwhile, Obadiah Savage (yes, that is in fact the coolest name you’ve ever heard), is happily bootlegging fairy Elixir for humans looking to score a magical fix. After spending decades trapped in the fey world, he’s settled into his new lot in life—but when he and Mab are jointly accused of a crime they didn’t commit, they must journey back into the fairy realm to prove their innocence. The risks are extreme, and of course, as with all good fairy realms, the spectre of an evil fey queen lurks everywhere. When Mab finally confronts the Queen, she realized that her betrayal is even greater than she’d thought, and must decide whether the fate of the fey world is worth destroying the lives of the humans she’s come to love, setting her present life against her past origins.

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