Friday, August 29, 2014

Guest Post by Tina Ayres

This is from Tina Ayres who edits THE ORIGINAL VAN GOGH'S EAR ANTHOLOGY.

Tina doesn't write often enough to please most of us and I really appreciate it when she does and allows me to be the first to set it free on the world.

You don't have to be dead to be a ghost. It is usually a gradual thing. A slow and steady decline of the quality of life and the acknowledgement of existence. We are all the same you see. Whether anyone likes to believe it or not. Some people just seem to slip between the cracks until the world seems to forget that they still are.

Isolation leads the soul to fear dying. It is not the death, nor being forgotten. It is the fear that the loneliness of life will follow you to the grave. Beyond the void, you will be stuck, as alone and invisible as when you were breathing. In life bearable in death eternal. Alone forever is a fate worse than hell.

Eternally alone. No words, no feelings just numb. Numb to the pain and blind to the masses. The matters of the world matter not when you are not in it.
It happens at all ages you know. The youngest of children alone on the playground. Children avoid them and the teachers whisper in the corners, "there is just something..wrong with them. They are not like the rest" They forget that we are all the same you see. It happens to the elderly who have the curse of watching their bodies decline, who have outlived everyone they have ever known. Sometimes you just find that in this world you are alone.

Alone and still living left without feeling. But that is just a lie. A lie to the self to help you keep going. Shut out the indifference and turn off your dreams. Hide your soul away, protect it well. Don't let them close. Never let them close. The world doesn't know. It cannot understand. No one can hurt you if you don't let them in. You love them all anyway that is just how you are.

People go about their lives unaware they encounter ghosts in the flesh nearly every day. The people who do not fit. The edge of madness for them is not so far. They walk around empty, stare at the walls. Silently longing, dreams never spoke. Listening intently silent for things no one else can hear.

It all comes down to closeness and love. A soul alone is a very lost thing. Love is the dream to which the soul clings. In life and in death buried within the self the one thing timeless, eternal and deep. The ageless eternal longing of the soul to just belong to another at the end of it all.

Copyright 2014 by Tina Ayres and Baryon.

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