Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Demon's Wife by Rick Hautala

THE DEMON’S WIFE, Rick Hautala, Journalstone Publishing, $31.95 hardcover, $18.95 trade paper, $9.95 ebook, 314 pages, ISBN: 9781936564972, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

Sadly, Rick left us earlier this year, but I hope he was able to see the cover for this one. It shows a lovely redhead in an embrace with a handsome fellow with the hint of a tail in the background and it is perfect for this book.

Claire McMullen is out with her roommate, Sally, looking for Mr. Right but would settle for Mr. Right Now when she meets Samael and is smitten with his charming good looks. He leaves before they make a full connection.

In a nutshell, Claire is attacked as she is leaving the bar, Samael saves her, sweeps her off her feet, she falls in love with him almost immediately, and when she takes him to bed discovers that he is a demon.

Samael has also fallen in love with Claire and decides to reform his demonic ways and regain his angelic status. The only problem is that Hell will do anything so that will not happen.

This is a fantastic example of Rick’s writing; great characters, a strong story line and an ending that’s fits the storyline rather than being “Happy ever after”.

Although I never got to meet Rick in person, I interviewed him for in 2000 during the release of 999: New Stories of Horror and Suspense, in which he had a story. He was a one of a kind writer who could make you think you knew what was coming and then branch off with a surprise or two. He will definitely be missed.

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