Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Circlet Press Book Release News

For Immediate Release

The Future is Gay

(Cambridge, MA) -- Circlet Press, the 21-year-old independent publisher of erotic science fiction, has just
released the latest volume in the WIRED HARD series of gay-themed erotic short stories, Wired Hard 5:
Yet More Erotica For a Gay Universe.

The WIRED HARD series has always been a futuristic look at gay male sexuality and desire, weaving science fiction themes from cyberpunk to space travel with eroticism.

Huge changes have taken place since the release of Wired Hard 1: Erotica For a Gay Universe twenty
years ago, including the rise of gay marriage, the advent of openly serving gay senators and elected
officials, and the now-common appearance of openly gay actors, musicians, and athletes. But at the
same time, Uganda has tried to approve the death penalty for homosexuality and Russia, host of the
upcoming Winter Olympics, has vowed to arrest any athlete or visitor to the games for even speaking the
word "gay" or holding hands with same-sex husbands or wives. This regression on issues of gay rights
only highlights the need for future-looking gay fiction that is frank and forward about sexuality and desire.

Wired Hard 5 is available exclusively as an ebook. The digital medium has been a boon to writers and
readers exploring the frontiers of sexuality, distanced from the "safe" confines of the familiar. Circlet Press
ebooks are available wherever ebooks are sold or directly from circlet.com

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