Friday, May 10, 2013

Earthling Newsletter

Earthling Publications Newsletter
April 10, 2013


Updates and a special offer.......

The traycases for the WEAVEWORLD signed/numbered edition have arrived! It took a few extra weeks to produce, but the extra time and care paid off because they look great. I'll begin pairing up cases with books, numbering them, and shipping them out this coming week. Only a few copies left (note the gift edition is already sold out, and all the lettereds are already claimed). I've seen other Earthling-Barker editions go for many multiples of the retail price, so don't delay.

also just arrived, and are ready to ship out. Don't miss Mark Morris's latest novel, which has received rave reviews in BLACK STATIC, PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, and elsewhere.

Michael Marshall Smith's EVERYTHING YOU NEED is selling well. Get your copy before they're gone....

Finally, I came across a few deluxe PC copies of BEST OF BEST NEW HORROR, signed by ALL contributors (including King, Hill, Ellison, Gaiman, Straub, Barker, and many more). Mint condition book and slipcase. $200 plus postage for anyone who is interested, first come first served.

And next month: I'll announce this year's Halloween Series novel, a modern ghost story that you won't want to miss.


Thanks and all the best,

Paul Miller, Publisher

Earthling Publications

P.O. Box 413
Northborough, MA 01532


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