Monday, May 13, 2013

Dreamer by Daniel Quinn

DREAMER, Daniel Quinn, CreateSpace, $12.95, 312 pages, ISBN: 9781481850063, Kindle ASIN: B00B1J75JI, $9.95, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

I think “Nightmare” might have been a better title. DREAMER does fit it perfectly though since nightmares are still technically dreams. I’m sure a lot of the readers have had dreams so strong they thought they might have been real. That’s the quandary this book brings about.

Greg Donner, a freelance writer, is in love with Ginny Winters, literally the girl of his dreams, in Chicago. Richard Iles is in a sanatorium in Kentucky due to an undisclosed problem that appears to be government related. Richard is estranged from his wife, Ginny Winters. The problem that the reader has to decide is which one is real and which one is the dreamer. The story alternates between the two personalities and as time passes, parts of each other’s awakening thoughts begin to intermingle.

This complex psychological horror is finally back in print and is open to a new group of readers who can make their own decisions as to which character is real and which one is the DREAMER. I’m sure that even psychologists would like this complex novel.

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