Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The End of an Era

This is the end of an era in paranormal romance! On April 30th, 2013, Karina Cooper’s Dark Mission series comes to an explosively epic conclusion in One for the Wicked. In short, there’s less than a month until Karina Cooper casts a spell on readers with her final novel about the badass witches, hunters, and scientists of New Seattle! Fans are beside themselves with excitement—and they should be: life, love, and death hang in the balance as our heroes Shawn Lowe and Kayleigh Lauderdale go head to head—and unintentionally end up heart-to-heart.

Romantic Times praises Karina’s concluding novel: “In the final entry of the Dark Mission series, Cooper does not disappoint. One for the Wicked’s setting is dark and gritty with sexy characters who further the story while tying things up to satisfy long-time readers…This is a satisfying end to an imaginative series.” One for the Wicked is a perfect addition to Karina’s imaginative and gritty PNR series, and the conclusion is every bit as satisfying to read as it bittersweet to say goodbye to.

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