Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Private Parts by Ian Ayres

PRIVATE PARTS, The Early Works of Ian Ayres, Ian Ayres, Revised Second Edition, 2012, French Connection Press, 330 Pages, ISBN: 9781914853101, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

I expected this to be an autobiography of Ian Ayres, but it turned out to be so much more. It is more of the quest of Ian Ayres to become the person he is today and the people that he met along the way.

Ian always knew what he wanted to be, what he wasn’t sure of was if he could make it happen without compromising the feelings he had and be the person that he knew was inside his soul.

Ian has an interesting story of his life from being a JP (junior pimp) for his mother’s massage parlors, his search for his true sexual nature, his unique creativity (music, poetry and prose), and the personal interaction with some of the notable personalities of our time.

A chance encounter with Tennessee Williams, a long relationship with Allen Ginsberg, friendships with Edmund White and Quentin Crisp, and Yoko Ono enhance his journey in life and in finding himself.

Also included is a selection of his poetry that contains a hint of Ginsberg and the Beat Generation, but firmly shows his individual style and usage of words that is seldom seen.

Ian Ayres has had an interesting journey filled with adventure and self discovery. Anyone who reads this will share in his journey and will hopefully learn…

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