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The Iron Daughter
Julie Kagawa
Harlequin Teen, $9.99
ISBN: 9780373210138

Sixteen-year-old hybrid Meghan Chase is the daughter of the Summer Fairy King Oberon. She recently proved her mettle when she defeated the Iron Fey (see The Iron King). However, as an honored “guest” of the Winter Fairies Unseelie Court, Meghan is stunned when the Iron Fey steals the Scepter of the Seasons, but leaves incriminating evidence that point to Meghan as the thief.

Deciding to leave though her hosts will try to prevent her escape, Meghan follows the trail to recover the Scepter in order to lessen the tension between the Summer and Winter clans. As war seems imminent, Winter Prince Ash, who ignored her while at court, accompanies Meghan on her quest that leads to her maternal realm as well as their travels in the land of Fairy.

Although the second Iron Fey fantasy (see The Iron King) starts slow at court, once the theft is done, the storyline accelerates into an action-packed fast-paced thriller. The half-breed princess, who has feet in two worlds but belongs in neither, shows her fortitude. Ash provides fascinating support as he is attentive once again now that they’re away from his family. The Iron Daughter is a terrific tale. Harriet Klausner

Tempted by Blood
Laurie London
Harlequin HQN, $7.99
ISBN: 9780373776450

In the Seattle area, the Guardians feel good after defeating the Darkblood Alliance when they rescued humans containing the Sweetblood during their enemies’ Night of the Wilding gala on a San Juan Island. While his side is festive following the bust but they also remain wary as they expect another attack by their deadly foes, Guardian Jackson Foss fears his craving for blood is becoming out of control, which he bitterly knows will turn him into what he loathes, a Darkblood abomination.

Software expert Arianna Wells writes as Icy Shadows the blog, Paranormalish. Her mission is to find the truth about the strange and inexplicable. She meets Jackson in his shadow form when he rescues her Sweetblood cousin Krystal from the Darkblood. However, Jackson is stunned when his attempt to delete certain inconvenient truths from Arianna’s brain fails; while the Darkblood stalk the cousins and his cravings stalk him.

The third Sweetblood romantic urban fantasy (see Bonded by Blood and Embraced by Blood) is a superb vampire tale. The hostilities between the two vampire groups remains heated as the paranormal war in the Pacific Northwest makes the London mythos seem real. However, it is the hero’s struggles to remain faithful as increasingly he and no one else trusts him to do the right thing; with one exception the incredible Arianna who believes in her beloved personal Guardian to protect her and Krystal. Harriet Klausner

On A Dark Wing
Jordan Dane
Harlequin Teen, $9.99
ISBN: 9780373210411

Five years ago, Abbey Chandler missed the school bus that takes her home. Her mom picked her up, but died in a car crash in which her daughter escaped death thanks to an ephemeral boy of the clouds taking her hand. She remains haunted by survivor guilt compounding her belief she caused her mother’s demise.

Unable to move on pass the tragedy, Abbey has only one friend, Tanner Lange, paralyzed from the waist down since a childhood accident. Abbey is attracted to Nate Holden, who does not know she exists though she knows everything about him. He is joining his father and others on a climb of Denali. However, when Abbey begins seeing the Angel of Death’s ravens, she knows the grim reaper is back in her life; her fear is Nate is the target. She wants to go to her crush but her dad insists they go on their annual pilgrimage to her mom.

This is an exciting teen paranormal thriller that rotates perspective between Abbey and on Denali. The storyline focuses on death, guilt and redemption. Abbey is a wonderful protagonist who keeps the stirring tale focused though her actions with Nate seem off kilter; first as a stalker and later when he arrives at the remote cabin where she and her dad retreated to pay homage to their late loved one. In some ways Tanner steals the show with his freshness while the heroine’s first kiss is a stunner. Fans will enjoy Abbey’s efforts to come to grips with death. Harriet Klausner

Soul Screamers
Rachel Vincent
Harlequin Teen, $8.99
ISBN: 9780373210602

My Soul To Lose.
Dallas high school students Kaylee and Emma are at the mall shopping Suddenly Kaylee suffers a panic attack. Emma helps her calm down until Kaylee sees the shadows engulf a wheelchair bound boy. Hours later Kaylee awakens in a psychiatric ward where she cringes at the shadows surrounding another patient. Kaylee begins to recover until the scream surfaces; however Lydia of the green eyes calms her down.

My Soul To Take.
Underage Kaylee sneaks into the Taboo Club where she dances with Eastlake High School hottie Nash. She senses someone is about to die and when that happens she has a deep need to scream. Nash calms her and explains that banshees like her must scream when someone is about to die. They begin dating but the pair has to stop a serial killer focused on Eastlake High School.

My Soul To Save.
Teen pop star Eden dies on stage, but Kaylee, who was at the concert with Nash, fails to wail at death, she knows the idol traded her soul for fame. In spite of the fact her dad will kill her for cutting class and violating curfew, Kaylee risks her life and soul to prevent other teens from bartering theirs for a short life span of fame in exchange for eternity in the Netherworld.

This entertaining reprint of the prequel novella and the first two novels in the Soul Screamer teenage fantasy is a fine collection. The opening act introduces Kaylee with her instinctively need to wail; the other entries follow her struggling adjustment to control the urge with mentoring help by Nash’s mom while history and trig wait for no student even a banshee. Harriet Klausner

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