Sunday, April 1, 2012


EULOGY, D.T. Conklin, Evolved Publishing, $19.95, 432 pages, ISBN: 9780615608853, reviewed by Barry Hunter.

It’s not often I read other reviewers opinions of a book before I set mine down on paper. Conklin has been compared to Robert Jordan, Patrick Rothfuss, and Terry Brooks. I seem to differ in my opinion – I see more of Peter Straub and George R.R. Martin. You may have a different opinion after you finish EULOGY.

I went into EULOGY expecting an unsettling horror novel but found a high fantasy containing horror and magic and imagination as we follow the path of Villeen from the caves beneath the Kurin Mountains to the castle of the Mad King of Rippon and on to the battlefields that lead to the final EULOGY.

I was often reminded of the works of James Branch Cabell and Lord Dunsany with the characterization and mode of storytelling. This is an unusual novel that leaves you thinking about the adventure you have just read and the characters you have met.

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